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~ Mr. Pine ~

"Winnipeg has produced an overwhelming number of great bands in a variety of genres, but a few years back the 'Peg produced a great band that PLAYS a variety of genres: Mr. Pine. Working pop, folk, chamber music, prog and more into the mix, Mr. Pine's output stands alone."

Michael Elves
Programming Director, UMFM, 101.5 FM, Winnipeg

"With one foot still planted in Celtic-tinged chamber-folk and baroque pop, while the other dips a toe into everything from prog to post-rock, Mr. Pine prove that sometimes, more is more."
Darryl Sterdan
Winnipeg Sun

"Contemporary folk-rock, with added time machine and a direct line to the heart of 1972. Melody and passion combined to perfection, lovers of Mellow Candle, Fairport and Trees should dive right in."

Simon Lewis
Ptolemaic Terrascope magazine, UK

"Mr. Pine is one of Winnipeg’s most compelling musical acts. Their recent cd, Rewilding, is an eclectic collection of chamber folk with elements of pop, rock, prog, post-rock, and (most surprisingly) metal woven throughout."

Mykael Sopher
Painting Over Silence, Winnipeg music blog

"Mr. Pine has created a collection of literary tunes that are theatrical without being over the top. A beautifully written record."

Jen Zoratti

"I’m going to set my expectations high because this is both very good and original, so yes, the future of MR. PINE looks bright from where I stand!"

Markus Eriksson
The Shadows Commence, Sweden

"It is an album with many aspects, so that you can "chew" on it much longer, and focus each time on the different aspects, just like with a colour ball chewing gum which changes colour..."

Gerald Van Waes
www.psychedelicfolk.com, Belgium

"Mr. Pine’s latest album, Rewilding, features those yawning, free-falling songs about longing, misery and self-discovery we love to curl up with on a cold night...there’s no doubt this Winnipeg band will do great things..."

Amanda Ash

"It's appropriate that this Winnipeg band has an honourific in its name, because it certainly deserves respect...unlike many, Mr. Pine is a band that can truly claim to have a unique sound."

Aaron Epp
The Uniter

"It's difficult to decide which of the two most compelling parts of Mr. Pine's second album to highlight: the remarkable blending of obscure genres or the brilliance of the "concept." Perhaps they are one and the same."

Tessa Vanderhart
The Manitoban

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